The HOA insurance market is largely covered by incumbent carriers who consider the HOA market a relatively “small fish” compared to auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and other gigantic and insurance markets each are worth north of $100 Billion in the US alone. So while many HOAs can are small non profit businesses, no carrier has taken the initiative to develop a digital insurance platform allowing the customers to rate/quote/bind online in a few minutes, something that has been the standard for many personal insurance lines for more than a decade. So the current situation is that HOA insurance, for the most part, is still sold in the old fashioned way of filling long forms, submitting them to the broker, who then submits them to the carrier and then waiting for a quote which typically comes after a few days of weeks. No carrier has taken the initiative to innovate here till now... Honeycomb is the first insurance program delivering a seamless online insurance experience to insureds. Our unique digital insurance platform built on many decades of experience in insurance, data and technology is truly one of a kind in the current landscape. Not only is Honeycomb the only place where insureds can buy an HOA insurance policy online in less than 5 minutes but Honeycomb also provides a much more comprehensive coverage suite and an almost endless amount of customization to the HOA insured, all within a click of a button, instantly. All of this is provided as an Admitted product with an AM Best “Excellent” rating for financial strength.