Condo (HOA) and Landlord Master Insurance - Learn the Basics
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Condo and Homeowner Association (COA/HOA) Insurance Basics

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Residential Lease Agreement: What to Include and Template

The Landlord-Tenant Residential Lease Agreement

Residential lease agreements are essential for starting the landlord and tenant relationship on the right foot.

State Tenant Laws For Landlords | Ohio

Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law

In OH, landlords need to adhere to federal, state, city laws and their own property rules when leasing to tenants.

State Tenant Laws For Landlords | Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Law

PA landlord-tenant laws tend to be landlord lenient, even friendly. From limits on late fees to entry notices, landlords do not have stringent rules

Landlord Notice of Nonrenewal

Landlord Notice of Nonrenewal

Terminating a Rental Lease? Here’s what landlords need to know to avoid potential tenancy problems, along with a sample termination of rental lease letter.

Hoa Meeting Protocol:  Successful Meeting Tips + Free Template

Hoa Meeting Protocol: Successful Meeting Tips + Free Template

Need an HOA meeting protocol template? Here’s a sample you can customize along with key considerations to make your HOA meetings more successful.

How HOAs Can Deter Squatters

How HOAs Can Deter Squatters

Squatters can cause problems for HOAs. Here’s what HOAs can do to deter squatters.

Squatters’ Rights: What Landlords Need to Know

Squatters’ Rights: What Landlords Need to Know

Squatters can cause damage and impede rental income, but landlords still need to follows laws regarding squatters’ rights. Here’s how to evict a squatter.

The Landlord Tenant Checklist for New Tenants

The Landlord Tenant Checklist for New Tenants

A landlord tenant move-in checklist is an easy way to set a clear standard while outlining your expectations for a straight-forward and clear landlord-tenant relationship. Your goal is to eliminate ambiguity and it all starts here.

14 of the Best Landlord Software for 2022

14 of the Best Landlord Software for 2022

We’ve put together a list of 14 of the best landlord software on the market to help you stay organized

California Rent Control

How California Rent Control Works: What Landlords Need to Know

California is one of only two states in the US with statewide laws that limit rental amounts. If you’re a landlord, understand that California rent control laws are complex. Here’s what you need to know.

Deed restricted communities

Landlord's Guide to Deed Restricted Communities

One of the most challenging aspects of being a landlord is dealing with a deed restricted community. A good understanding of the different rules and regulations can help you be successful as a landlord in a deed restricted community.

landlord insurance illinois

A Complete Guide to Illinois Landlord Insurance

Whether you're a growing real estate investor looking for some liability coverage or you manage several properties on your own, you must understand what Illinois landlord insurance can do for you.

multifamily financing

Complete Guide to Multifamily Financing: What to Know Before You Apply

Multifamily homes can be the ticket for investors looking to build wealth. Here's a guide to multifamily financing.

HOA insurance

HOA Fees 101: What HOA Boards Should Know

There are many considerations when establishing HOA fees for your community association. Here are some best practices including communication best practice.

HOA insurance

Choosing an HOA Management Company: Key Considerations

The right HOA management company can give board members critical support. Here are some key considerations when choosing an HOA management company.

HOA insurance

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

What does landlord insurance cover? Find out how property protection and liability coverage work when you own rental property.

HOA insurance

How Does Flood Insurance for Landlords Work?

Flood insurance for landlords comes at an added cost, but the coverage can be worth it. Find out how flood coverage works and who it's best for.

HOA insurance

HOA Audits: How They Work and Why They're Important

An HOA audit can help you pinpoint issues within an organization, such as accounting errors or fraud. Find out who conducts these audits and how they work.

HOA insurance

Tips for Landlord Tenant Screening: 14 Dos & Don'ts

Careful landlord tenant screening is a must for all landlords and property managers. Here are several important dos and don’ts to consider.

HOA insurance

General Liability Basics: How to Avoid the Most Common Lawsuits

Apartment owners operate in an extremely litigious environment. That’s why robust landlord liability insurance is crucial. Learn about the common liability exposures and insurance can help.

HOA insurance

Get started with the Honeycomb Inspector App

The honeycomb inspector app is a powerful tool we use to get you covered in a fraction of the time it takes elsewhere. Allowing our customers to complete their own property inspection provide us the information we need without delaying the process.

HOA insurance

Condo Association Insurance: Why Maintenance & Documentation Are Crucial

The commercial condo association insurance marketing is hardening, highlighting the importance of regular maintenance and documentation.

HOA insurance

HOA Insurance: Why Ordinance & Law Coverage Matters

When shopping for HOA Insurance, be sure to choose a policy that includes Ordinance & Law coverage. Here’s why it can be a game changer if you have to rebuild following a property loss.

HOA insurance

Condo Association Insurance: What to Expect at Your Next Renewal

Some condo associations are getting hit with double digit rate hikes. If your condo association insurance is up for renewal soon, you need to be aware of what’s happening in the condo association insurance market now.

HOA insurance

Getting the Most Out of Your Landlord Insurance (For the Least Amount of Money)

Own a multi-family building and looking to save on comprehensive landlord insurance? Learn what you can trim.

HOA insurance

What type of HOA Insurance coverage does my association actually need

Understanding HOA insurance means knowing all of the available options and having the ability to gauge what’s important for you.

HOA insurance

The ultimate commercial property insurance dictionary

This commercial residential insurance dictionary will ensure you’re well versed, well prepared, and informed when making insurance decisions.

condo buildings

Homeowners Association Insurance Basics

A must-read for HOA Board members

board members sitting in a meeting

Directors And Officers Insurance 101

Don’t like getting personally sued for millions? Drop everything and make sure your HOA gets Directors and Officers insurance

common mistakes notebook

9 common mistakes that could cost you when getting HOA insurance

A must-read for HOA Board members

balancing risk and money

The cost of habitational insurance is soaring. Here’s how HOAs can fight back

The cost of habitational insurance is soaring. Here’s how HOAs can fight back

people getting advice

What does an HOA board do, anyway?

Without a homeowners association board of directors, a planned community could not function

dog guarding money

7 Ways to Keep HOA Insurance Costs Down

A must-read for HOA Board members

person slip on icy stairs

Preventing Winter Slips and Falls

Winter is coming, and with it comes a host of potential liabilities for your HOA


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