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With a unique and unparalleled focus on real estate insurance, our experts have designed multiple coverage tracks, each fully customizable to your specific needs.

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We believe in giving our customers the individualized attention they deserve. Honeycomb is real estate insurance on your terms, wherever and however you need it.

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Property Managers

We give property managers access to more options, in much less time, at very competitive prices.

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We help reduce the cost of insurance, which helps developers sell condos.

Get Your Quotearrow right
Our Difference

Real Estate Insurance Redefined

  • Online Everything

    The only place where you can purchase and fully manage your real estate insurance online and in real time. Save time, use it for something fun.

  • Powerful Insights

    We help you figure out what coverage you really need, providing you with multiple real-time quote options.

  • Better Bang for Your Buck

    In addition to making the insurance buying process easier to navigate, we're able to offer the Same or better coverage for up to 40% less.

  • Claims Made Simple

    We process claims quickly and effectively, staying by your side and making sure you know where you stand every step of the way.

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Better Coverage

Honeycomb Offers More

In addition to making the insurance buying process easier to navigate and more affordable, Honeycomb offers better coverage and more options than you can find anywhere else.

  • Bespoke Coverage

    Honeycomb is the only provider that gives customers and brokers an almost endless ability to customize every part of the insurance policy in real time. This means that what you get is tailor-made to your exact measures. We give you optimal coverage in areas you care more about than others, allowing you to cut costs for items you don’t need. No other insurance provider allows this level of flexibility and customizability.

  • All peril - special form coverage

    Real estate insurance comes in two main forms, "named peril", and "all peril”. Some insurance companies would offer “named peril” coverage at a lower cost, but what this means is that they won’t cover you for important damages that could happen. For example, if you buy insurance on a “basic” named peril form, that means that you are not covered for some obvious risks like water damage. Every insurance policy Honeycomb issues is an “all peril” (all risk) special form insurance policy which is the broadest coverage available in the US.

  • Fully admitted and licensed in your state

    Some insurance companies offer “non-admitted” coverage, meaning that they haven’t been approved to sell insurance by the department of insurance in your state. If you buy “non-admitted” insurance and the insurer goes bankrupt, you won’t be getting the protection of your state. The insurance Honeycomb sells is fully admitted in any state we operate, and hence you get the fullest protection.

  • Enhanced Ordinance and Law Coverage

    Covers the increased costs of reconstruction in the event that ordinance or law in the locality has changed requiring more expensive materials or additional elements which weren’t in the original building to be added upon reconstruction. This is a critical element to have on your policy to avoid big unexpected out of pocket expenses when you file a claim.

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HOA/Condo Associations

For those serving on condo boards, Honeycomb acts as your lifeline, providing expert advice and finding the most suitable coverage options that keep you and your condo owners safe at the most affordable price. You focus on everything else that comes with serving on a condo board and let our experts focus on building the best coverage package for your needs.

Building Owners

The cost of property and casualty insurance comes straight out of a building owner’s bottom line profit and materially impacts the value of the property itself as insurance premiums are one of the most expensive operating costs for any given asset. Thus, for professional real estate owners, finding the most suitable coverage to preserve the investment at the most cost-effective price is both a protective measure and a significant profit enhancement opportunity.


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