Rachel Salz joined Honeycomb last year as a partner success manager. After working in personal lines insurance for almost a decade, she was looking for an opportunity to get into commercial lines insurance which led her to Honeycomb. Based out of Austin TX, she collaborates and educates agency partners on our innovative products for habitational and single-family rental properties. 

Insurance carriers usually don’t have partner success managers. Can you tell us more about your position and responsibilities?

The overall goal is to nurture our relationship with our agency partners. My day-to-day varies between different roles. I can start my morning supporting the sales pipeline and help close new accounts then after lunch onboard and train new agencies on QueenBee, our quote-and-bind platform and in between navigate the underwriting process with our underwriting team and agents. 

What is unique about Honeycomb’s vision?

Honeycomb focuses on a niche market that hadn’t seen much change in the last couple of decades. In order to build a successful new insurance company, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, and this is precisely what we have done at Honeycomb. It’s tech-forward, yet people driven. Our AI models, especially when it comes to risk assessment, is something no other company can do as well as we do. But we still want to have that human-touch point, agents often just need someone to pick up the phone and we are here for that.

How would you describe Honeycomb’s partnership philosophy?

We aim to deliver Honeycomb’s difference in every engagement with our customers and partners. Our goal isn’t just to appoint agents to sell our programs. We want them to be fans and make them a true partner through our journey of changing the insurance market.

Agents who engage with Honeycomb, feel the difference from communicating with other carriers right away. This comes to play in our solution-oriented and engaging culture we’re working very hard on. 

What is it about the company culture that makes it a good work environment?

First and foremost, we are very supportive of each other. From the moment I joined the company, I was encouraged to speak up and share my thoughts on both the external and internal processes. I always felt that my opinion and voice was being heard. This was also one of the main reasons why I wanted to join Honeycomb, even in the interview process it was very clear that this was a company that wanted to listen and grow together, not just hire another sales manager.