The honeycomb inspector app is a powerful tool we use to get you covered in a fraction of the time it takes elsewhere. Allowing our customers to complete their own property inspection provide us the information we need without delaying the process.

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This article includes all the information you need to get your inspection done quickly and accurately.

No download required!

We call our Inspector app an app because it functions like the apps you are used to using on your smartphone. Our tool is fully web based so there is no need to download an app, just follow the link from your inspection email to get started.

Your inspection needs to be done at the property location

It’s important for us to get accurate, up to date photos of your property. Inspection photos must be taken on location by the property owner or a manager. Enabling location services on your phone allows us to approve your policy faster.

Have your property manager do the inspection

If you are unable to be on location, your inspection can be completed by a property manager. Simply forward them the inspection email you received from us and have them follow the link.

Plan your inspection during daylight hours

Inspection photos must be taken during daylight hours to capture the property details accurately.

Don’t forget there is a deadline!

In order to get you covered as quickly as possible, we include an inspection deadline for your policy. It is important for us to receive your property photos by this date or we cannot guarantee coverage. If you miss your deadline, you will receive a notice of cancellation.

We’re always available to help

If you need help with your inspection or have any additional questions, please reach out to our customer support team.