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HOA : Homeowner Association insurance

Honeycomb staff
Oct 10, 2021
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What is HOA Insurance?

HOA insurance policy protects you from paying out of pocket for property damage or liability claims relating to the common property within a condominium. This is a hugely important element of your condo ownership– with huge implications that should not be taken lightly. Not sure what sort of coverage you need? At Honeycomb, we are recognized experts in HOA and can help you get the coverage you need, the service you deserve, and the rates you can afford.

How does an HOA master policy work?

A homeowner association insurance master policy is a property and liability insurance package for which homeowner association members pay collectively – usually as part of their HOA membership dues. The master policy protects the community and its members. It primarily covers the following:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Accidental water damage
  • 3rd party General liability claims

What Does HOA Insurance Cover?

Homeowners association insurance mainly covers property and liability claims.

Property Damage

Homeowners association insurance covers associations in the event of property damage such as fire, wind,hail, and accidental water damage. Without this coverage, the HOA would be forced to pay for the repairs out of their own pocket – or through an increase in dues or a special assessment.


HOA insurance is a critical tool for covering injuries within the common areas of the property. An HOA could be sued because of an unsafe condition, such as a staircase with a broken step or a handrail not adequately secured to the ground. If the HOA is found to have acted negligently in a way that results in an injury, the victim could hold the HOA liable for injury or damages, which is where this insurance proves helpful.

Does a Homeowners Association Need Insurance?

Typically, yes. The covenants, conditions & restrictions, or CC&Rs, of your homeowner association define whether or not your HOA is required to maintain a master insurance policy and the details of coverage that needs to be maintained. Not sure what your CC&Rs say? We are experts in understanding these documents – call us, and we'll be happy to help.

What can we expect working with Honeycomb?

At Honeycomb, we are redefining the business of insurance for HOAs.We've made getting better coverage easy and fully transparent. Seeking home association insurance? We offer fully customizable coverage, with instant coverage, total transparency, and unique discounts. This is truly insurance “on your terms”, with significant savings, instant quotes, and unlimited expert advice.

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Levels and Types of HOA Insurance Coverage

At Honeycomb, we specialize in the insurance coverage you need for your association. Contact us now to learn more.

Master Policy

This is your entire policy. It covers your condo building as well as common areas that are shared between residents, such as club rooms, pools, playgrounds, and gyms. There are three main levels of coverage provided by a master policy:

Bare Walls

Covers only the bare structure of an individual condominium building, and not items such as fixtures and furnishings.

Single Entity

Coverage for the real property in your condo, including original fixtures.

All In

Coverage that applies to communally used features in a residential multi-family building including all fixtures, improvements and betterments.

Although master policies can very from one another, the main components of the master policy are:

Comprehensive Property Coverage

Coverage for the building structure, common property and association-owned personal property, such as clubhouse furniture, pool furniture, and exercise equipment.

Comprehensive General Liability

Coverage for the real property in your condo, including original fixtures.

Catastrophe Insurance

Coverage that protects you against natural disasters.

Discrimination Coverage

Coverage that protects your community if a legal claim regarding discrimination is made.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Protection in case your HOA is held liable for injury to on-site workers.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

Individual protection for HOA board members covering legal expenses resulting from the member’s actions on the board.

Coverage for the theft of goods, merchandise, and money during the course of work-related duties.

Crime and Fidelity Insurance/Employee Dishonesty Coverage

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